ADD/ADHD Dual Hemispheric Study Aid

About the Download

ADD and ADHD are characterized by slow brainwave activity, especially within the left-frontal-lobe. Hyperactivity is brain’s way of fighting the states of foggyness and distractability created by these slow theta-waves.

This brainwave entrainment audio has been carefully formulated to speed up your brain by stimulating both hemispheres separately. Using hemispheric stumulation we can ensure left brain dominance by using high frequencies to counteract slow brainwave activity within the left hemisphere, with less dominant frequencies sent to the right hemisphere to ensure the balance is tipped in favour of the left. This results in an increase in focus and concentration due to the quelling of the emotional / hyperactive response.

Which specific frequencies are used?

Each hemisphere controls the opposite side of the body, so the left hemisphere is stimulated via the right ear with isochronic tones between 12 and 28hz (Low Beta to Mid Beta) while the right hemisphere is stimulated via the left ear with frequencies between 10 and 14hz (high alpha to low beta). The frequencies change arbitrarily throughout.

Headphones are required to take advantage of this dual hemispheric stimulation. Be sure to check the left/right orientation of your headphones with this video –

How long do I listen for?

Entrainment takes around 8-10 minutes to take effect, but it’s recommended that you listen for at least 30 mins at a time in order to take advantage of the shift in frequencies. Listen during study at a low, comfortable volume, taking a break half way through if required.