Brain Booster

About the Download

Zone-in and tune-out the world with this brain booster, designed to help prime your mind for focus and concentration during work & study, while minimising distractions.

This study aid alternates arbitrarily between various low-beta (15-20hz) frequencies over the course of 90 minutes, with an occasional descent down to high-alpha (10-11hz) in order to to give your mind a rest and help with memory consolidation. Beta brainwaves are present throughout the day when you are focused and alert. Boosting this frequency range through brainwave entrainment has repeatedly been shown to aid in concentration and focus, particularly during difficult tasks.

To further increase the potency of the brainwave entrainment effect, we have embedded music modulation, aka amplitude modulation with the track to exactly match the pulsing of the isochronic tones.


Headphones are OPTIONAL. Simply play in the background during work and study, adjusting the volume to a level in which you can just about hear the pulsing effect. If you experience any discomfort, turn the volume down.