Creativity & Focus for Writing, Art & Work

About the Download

Using a combination of Theta, Alpha and Beta frequencies, this audio is designed to act as an aid to your creative pursuits, encourage fluid, abstract thought processes while maintaining focus over long periods.

The Theta / Beta frequencies range from 6-7hz & 13-15hz respectively, with 8-12hz alpha waves interspersed throughout. The patterns switch in the following manner, every 5 minutes:

0-5 mins – Alpha / Beta;
5-10 mins – Theta / Alpha;
10 – 15 mins -Alpha / Beta;
etc. etc. up to one hour.

This quick interplay between beta and theta/alpha promotes a balance between concrete thought and creative abstraction. This way we can encourage and bring to light new insights, generate new & original ideas, contemplate a concept from various points of view, and problem solve holistically. The beta phases serve to not only promote focus and concentration, but to also analyse, organise and therefore make sense of the abstractions derived from the more non linear holistic mind states induced by Theta and Alpha.

In addition to using this audio during work or study, you can also use it in a rested state while meditating to assist with creative visualisation.