‘Cryosleep’- Deep Sleep Meditation

About the Download

The Brainwave Hub presents ‘Cryosleep’, a space-themed brainwave entrainment audio for aiding the onset of sleep through the use of subtle binaural beats and isochronic pulses, combined with relaxing meditation music and a smooth layer of white noise to help you fall asleep fast. This deep sleep induction can alternatively be used to relax and quieten the mind before sleep, quelling any mental chatter.

Sleep Quality

On an EEG (electroencephalogram), Delta waves constitute the main visual signature of a person in deep, dreamless sleep. Studies have been performed where consistent use of delta waves before and/or during sleep can dramatically improve quality of sleep.

In Western culture, the value of sleep is often ignored, and this has manifested itself in the rise of fatigue disorders such as CFS, ME, Fibromyalgia etc. In order to combat fatigue, proper sleep should be central to an holistic approach, including a healthy, balanced diet; surrounding yourself with positive people; performing regular exercise (even light forms of exercise such as Ti-Chi), and engaging with tasks that. bring enjoyment and fulfilment.

The Volume Test

Headphones are optional, though if you do decide to use them, perform a volume test where you begin at ‘0’ volume and then slowly increase it until you find a pleasant listening level. For this audio, quiet levels will obviously work better, but the exact ‘sweet spot’ will vary from person to person.