Dive Deep – Creative Thinking

About the Download

Dive deep within, use your intuition, and generate new and original ideas with this ‘stream-of-consciousness’ creative thinking tool – combining meditation music with binaural beats.

As the surrealist film maker David Lynch once said:

“Intuition is the key to everything, in painting, filmmaking, business – everything. I think you could have an intellectual ability, but if you can sharpen your intuition, which they say is emotion and intellect joining together, then a knowingness occurs.”

The stream of consciousness is an unconventional tool which allows you to dive deep into your subconscious, and think or write in a free-form manner without worrying about external factors such as criticism or censorship. This stream contains an endless flow of feelings, memories, thoughts, and whatever else may exist in the far reaches of your mind.

Many jewels can be found here – the stream of consciousness technique is a great way to generate new ideas.

The first step is to ‘loosen the girdles’ of your conscious mind – just enough to allow free-form thought generation, but not so much that you find yourself becoming TOO zoned out.

In this track, Alpha waves, associated with relaxed awareness and visualisation, are tempered / counterbalanced with Beta waves – a 2 minute interplay each-way which allows you to work fluidly at a rapid pace. An alpha segment may trigger a unique thought, and just as you find yourself floating away with the faries…bam! A beta wave kicks in, allowing you to maintain creative focus and jot down your insight in an clear and effective manner, before you dive deep again in order to either expand the idea further, or generate new ideas.

Do this for the full 30 minutes, or as long as you like, and you may be surprised by what you find. Maybe most of it will be gibberish, but even if you discover one great idea the process will have been worth it. Use headphones at a low volume for best results.

Alternatively you can listen in a rested state and contemplate ideas that way. One drawback to this method is that you may forget any valuable insights, but this is where a voice recording app may come in handy.

You can also alternate between listening in a rested state, and during more active sessions where you are rapidly jotting down notes. A rested state for example can be used to contemplate the more valuable insights gained from the active session.

Of course, writing is not the only way to generate ideas – if you’re an artist, you use this track to come up with some surreal imagery.