Millionaire Mindset

About the Download

The latest Millionaire Mindset audio combines affirmations from previous audios, specifically those geared towards confidence, self esteem, motivation, wealth & prosperity. It is a tool for self growth, designed to help program your mindset so that you are confident in achieving your goals, and better able to make decisions which lead to attracting greater wealth and financial stability.

All affirmations are a combination of first and second person, i.e. “I am”, and “You are” respectively.

Two ways in which you can listen to these affirmations;

1) While in a rested state. This is a Theta session which ramps down to 4hz. Theta corresponds to a receptive and passive state in which suggestions can be more effective. Headphones are recommended for this method though not necessary due to the use of isochronic tones.

2) Alternatively you may wish to have the affirmations play in the background while you watch tv, browse the net, or even while sleeping.

Use consistently for best results, while pursuing your goals.