‘Oneironaut’ Lucid Dreaming Track

About the Download

The Brainwave Hub presents to you ‘Oneironaut’, our latest, state-of-the-art lucid dream induction & enhancer, designed to help you on your quest in the exploration of your own subconscious mind. With the sudden proliferation of virtual reality, there exists a natural alternative which costs nothing and is contained within your mind’s eye.

Oneironaut uses binaural beats which blend quietly into the background; these beats are designed to be felt more than they are heard and so there are no loud, high pitched brainwave entrainment frequencies to keep you awake at night.

The first hour will accompany you through the Theta region and then into a deep Delta sleep. The 65 minute mark is where things start to get interesting….

The binaural beats, combined with amplitude-modulated music begin to ascend through the Beta and Gamma frequencies. Your body will still be asleep, but your conscious mind will be given a slight prod with the aim of gently triggering a state of awareness in which you are able to interact with and manipulate the dream environment. To further encourage lucidity, we have placed VERY DISCREET, almost subliminal triggers on the left hand side of the stereo field; these consist of messages such as,

“You are dreaming now”
“Perform a reality check”
“You are taking control of your dream”

These triggers, along with the beta/gamma activity last until the end of one 90 minute cycle, at which point it repeats one more time.