‘Rejuvenator II’ (Powernap)

About the Download

Powernaps are an excellent way to replenish and rejuvenate focus and energy levels during the day, particularly when tackling a busy schedule after a night of unsatisfying sleep.

The key to a successful powernap is to sleep long enough for full mental and physical rejuvenation, but not so long that you enter slow-wave sleep, which can result in lethargy.

This powernap audio, which uses isochronic tones and tropical nature sounds, is designed to help you acquire anywhere from 20-40 minutes of refreshing daytime-sleep. You can use it to help refocus your mind for study, or while on a work break.

Beginning at Alpha, the isochronic frequency immediately descends down through to the slow-wave Delta frequencies. Approximately three minutes before the end of the audio, the frequency rises up to 18hz Beta in order to fully awaken you. The increase in pitch also acts as a makeshift-alarm.

INSTRUCTIONS: Headphones are optional, but if you do use them, set the volume quite low. Lie down comfortably, quieten your mind and be totally passive.