Virtual Opioid 3 – Meditation Audio

About the Download

This audio begins at a lowly 2.5hz and ascends to 38hz over the course of 35 mins, stopping at 10 and 22.5hz on the way.

2.5hz – 7.5 mins
10hz – 7.5 mins
22.5hz – 7.5 mins
38hz – 7.5 mins

Beta frequencies are commonly associated with more active states of consciousness, but there appears to be a variance of this when entraining from the low delta-range, as opposed to commencing abruptly with a higher beta frequency. The result of a gradual ascent is a state of mind that is relaxed, yet attentive and alert.

In previous versions, users have reported positive experiences including:

An increased sense of well-being
Pain relief
Heightened awareness
Spontaneous visuals

What do you experience after listening to this audio in its entirety?


Sit or lie down comfortably and wear headphones for best results. Note how your state of consciousness changes with each shift of the isochronic frequencies.