‘Downtime’ – Post Learning Memory Consolidation

About the Download

Scientists have suspected for decades that while a rested state, the brain is not as idle as commonly believed. It was Hans Berger, the inventor of the EEG who first proposed that the brain is “always in a state of considerable activity”.

Designed to be used after a study session, this audio will guide you into a deep, refreshing Delta state, effectively acting as a short power nap. It is based on research which shows that memories are reinforced and consolidated during sleep and that even a short rest after learning new information results in a greater amount of information being retained.

It is this downtime which provides an opportunity for the brain to edit, organise and make sense of what has recently been learnt.


Both day and night sessions use frequencies which will guide the listener into a rested state after studying, beginning with a 12hz beta wave that corresponds to ordinary waking consciousness, and ramping down to Delta at the 24 minute mark.

The difference between the day and night session is that at the end of the audio, the day session ramps back up to Beta (16hz) so that you’re primed to continue studying.

The night session features a static Delta wave so that you can either fall asleep, or continue relaxing after the audio has ended.

One way you can use this audio is to study in intervals, using the day session to rest in between. Then after your final study interval, assuming you’ve finished in the night or evening, load up the night session so that you can either relax or fall asleep.

It’s not necessary to sleep to this audio; you may instead choose to simply relax or meditate. Basically you just want to refrain from taking in any new information so that your brain can do its job of remembering all the important stuff!